Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mystery Surrounds Massive Attack at "Tornado" Rock Festival

On 29 August, over 100 bare-chested young men, most wearing army boots and wielding batons and other weapons, entered a Chelyabinsk area rock festival and began attacking the concertgoers, injuring over 30 people, some of them severely. According to witnesses, attackers arrived together in a number of cars, carried out the attack in a well-organized fashion, and departed in the same cars as quickly as they appeared. While it was initially reported that the men were skinheads, there is little to suggest this was the case, and so mystery surrounding the identity of the attackers and their motive remains. It is also unclear why the approximately 60 policemen and private security guards on the scene did little to prevent or stop the attack.

http://vremya.ru/2010/156/46/260555.html (Russian link - Vremya Novostey, 31 August 2010)

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