Thursday, January 12, 2012

Russian General Prosecutor: Opposition Rallies Financed from Abroad

Russian General Prosecutor (Attorney General) Yuri Chaika stated in an interview that the recent mass rallies for fair elections have been financed from abroad. “It is inadmissible that certain persons use people for those persons’ political goals, that are far from being clean,” Chaika said commenting on the rallies. “The money for all that often comes from sources outside Russia,” he went on to add. However, Chaika did not offer any specific examples of such foreign financing. In response one of opposition leaders, Boris Nemtsov, published an article entitled “General Prosecutor is a Liar.” Nemtsov stated that the costs of the first rally ($10,000) were covered by himself and his colleague, and the money for the second rally was raised from the public through a web payment system, with detailed reports available.

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