Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Russia Bans Online Encyclopedia

Lurkmore.ru, a popular Russian online encyclopedia (similar to the English-language humorous encyclopedia Lurkmore.com), was added to the register of websites containing banned information, after which its IP address was blocked. Lurkmore is a popular resource similar to Wikipedia, though, unlike the latter, it focuses on collecting information on various Internet memes, popular figures, Internet resources and subcultures. As with Wikipedia, users write and edit the articles themselves. According to the information on zapret-info.gov.ru, the complaint against the site was submitted on November 4, and on November 11 the site was added to the register on the decision of the Federal Drug Control Service. "We do not know exactly why our site has been blocked. But of course we will do our best to find out," Lurkmore tweeted. The administration managed to restore the operation of the website by changing the IP address and moving from lukmore.ru to lurkmore.to. (The ".to" domain belongs to the Kingdom of Tonga.) The law on Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development stipulates the development of the Unified Register of Domain and Indexes of Internet Websites and Web-resources.


Wikipedia stands up for Lurkmore
Lurkmore unblacklisted upon deleting questionnable artilces

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