Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Russian Driver Beaten to Death at Road Crash Scene

A car driver involved in a traffic accident in which a motorcyclist died was himself killed at the scene by the biker's friends, local police in Russia’s eastern Primorye Region said Tuesday. A car being driven by a man and his son – a transport police officer – hit a motorcycle carrying two passengers when the car turned across the road into oncoming traffic. The motorbike rider died on the spot, while his female passenger died in hospital. Their friends arrived at the scene of the accident and attacked the car’s driver and passenger, killing the driver. His son was hospitalized with head and face injuries, a local police spokesperson said. Three people have been detained over the incident, and police are searching for a fourth. “After the beating, he [the passenger] managed to call the police. His father was killed,” the spokesperson said, adding that the suspects were severely drunk when they were detained.

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