Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Russian Start-Up Claims It Can Trump Google Glass With Motohelmet

At the inaugural Hardware Battlefield competition, LiveMap, a Russian start-up, presented a navigation helmet for motorcyclists, called Motohelmet.  According LiveMap CEO Andrei Artishchev, the helmet which uses an Android operating system, a NAVTEQ map database, and a Nuance voice control platform, allows the user to see the information on the navigation display without taking one's eye off the road. Artishchev says that none of its competitors offer a navigation kit inside the helmet, and unlike Google Glass, the Motohelmet will offer a better-quality display that does not make users look in the top right-hand corner.  With grants, loans and Artishchev's own money, LiveMap has raised $1 million and is planning to raise a further $10 million.  LiveMap has already signed deals with key production partners and is planning to start selling its helmets in the United States and Canada as soon as the end of 2014 for $2,000 a piece.

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