Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Moscow Slams Closure of Russian TV in Ukraine

A ruling by a Ukrainian court to suspend broadcasts of four Russian TV channels in Ukraine is an attack against human rights and media freedom, a senior Russian diplomat said on Tuesday. The District Administrative Court in Kiev ruled to suspend broadcasts of Russia's Rossiya 24, Channel One, RTR Planeta, and NTV-World in Ukraine pending hearings on a permanent ban. "Undoubtedly, this should be viewed only as an infringement on democratic freedoms and as a violation of Ukraine's international obligations. Certainly, millions of [Russian-speaking] residents of this country have the right to watch [Russian] TV and have access to [other] Russian-language media," said Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian foreign ministry's point man on human rights.

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  1. Those who own mass media rule the world today formulating the agenda for all of us. And it is the war of these owners.
    The question is who they are or who they serve and what they trully want. Are they the "Global financial oligarchs"/"New world order fathers" or serve them (
    Ukraine vs Russia, Russia vs US, US vs Syria, etc - are just the episodes, the battles