Thursday, April 3, 2014

Russian Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of Parallel Importer

Russia’s Supreme Court declined to review the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Aqualife - a parallel importer of Krusovice (a registered trademark of global brewer Heineken Ceska Republica).  "Parallel" or "grey" imports are goods imported from another country without the permission of the official manufacturer, and Russia's Supreme Commercial Court confirmed in November that such parallel imports are illegal.  Heineken registered the Krusovice brand in Russia with Rospatent in 2004 in relation to just one commodity - beer.  A lawyer representing Aqualife said during the court hearing that the company is interested in the brand because its capacity to place the product on the market is limited without it. Earlier, the court dismissed another lawsuit filed by Aqualife against Diadgeo Ireland to terminate legal protection of the Guinness trademark. Currently, Heineken owns eight breweries in Russia.

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