Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Russia's Anti-Monopoly Service Announces Key Objectives, Highlights "Best Practices"

Russia's Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) has released its 2014 booklet outlining the history of competition law in Russia, as well as the following key objectives for the near future:  (1) developing and improving the institutions that prevent violations of the antimonopoly law; (2) transitioning to broader protection from an economic entity abusing its dominant position; (3) monitoring satisfaction of the quality of work at FAS by using surveys and performance rankings; (4) ensuring uniform enforcement of laws; and (5) ensuring non-discriminatory access to the services of natural monopolies.  FAS has also made available on their website digital copies of the "White Book" ("Белая Книга"), highlighting the best regional competition practices, and the "Black Book" ("Черная Книга"), highlighting the worst regional anti-monopoly practices. FAS plans to develop an interactive portal to exchange "best practices" ideas and complaints concerning competition and anti-monopoly issues.


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