Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anti-Monopoly Official Discusses Proposed M&A Liberalization

Deputy Head of Russia's Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Andrei Tsarikovsky, discussed recent and anticipated antitrust developments in at the Seventh Annual Conference on Mergers and Acquisitions. Tsarikovsky noted that the number of mergers and acquisitions barred by the FAS has decreased each year, due in part to government liberalization, but due also to the business's community's increased understanding of the law. Tsarikovsky noted that the FAS's proposed “third antimonopoly package” is aimed at enabling faster approval of mergers and acquisitions, but he cautioned that the new package, alone, would not create the economic conditions that might lead to an increase in Russia's merger activity. Tsarikovsky shared his proposed plan to abolish agency notification of the order of transactions, as well as to condition the extraterritorial application of the law on a party's trade volume inside Russia. The FAS anticipates that the third antimonopoly package will be adopted in the next year.

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