Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moscow Increases Proposal for Opposition Demonstration

The Moscow authorities have offered opposition activists a permit for 800 people to demonstrate on October 31 in recognition of the Constitution's Article 31 (freedom of assembly), an increase over the previous offer of 200, which the oppositionists rejected (see below, October 21). This is the twelfth such application to demonstrate on the 31st day of a month; all previous applications were denied. The applicants had requested permission for 1500 to demonstrate and are split on whether to accept the authorities' compromise, with "Other Russia" (Liudmila Alekseeva) and "Solidarity" in favor and "Left Front" (Eduard Limonov) opposed. The city government's new tolerance on the issue has been attributed to the appointment of mayor Sergei Sobianin to replace Yuri Luzhkov.


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