Monday, June 20, 2011

Vanuatu Withdraws Recognition of Abkhazia

Vanuatu’s Acting Prime Minister Edward Natapei cancelled and withdrew Vanuatu’s recognition of the Republic of Abkhazia. A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office says that Abkhazia is a break-away autonomous province of the Republic of Georgia, which the former Prime Minister Sato Kilman purported to recognize last month. However, on June 16 the Supreme Court of Vanuatu ruled that the election of Kilman was invalid and that Natapei be Acting Prime Minister until a new Prime Minister is elected. The Acting Prime Minister state that the majority of the world’s governments consider Abkhazia as part of Georgia’s territory, while only Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru have recognized Abkhazia as an independent state. According to Natapei, the decision not to recognize Abkhazia shows that Vanuatu is together with the majority of the international community on this important issue.

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