Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hundreds of Protesters Arrested in Moscow

The parliamentary election results have left opposition supporters in an angry mood. Moscow has seen crowds of up to 10,000 take to the streets; over 300 have been arrested. The demonstrators contend that the ruling United Russia party rigged the voting results. An angry crowd tried to march to the city center, but their passage was blocked by police. Some young men managed to break through the police cordon. But as the demonstrators moved deeper into the city, they were met with a heavy police presence intent on preventing the spontaneous march. Unlike earlier precedents, most of the arrested protesters have not been released after the end of the demonstration. Well-known politicians Ilya Yashin and Alexey Navalny are among the arrested. Some 12 hours after being arrested, their whereabouts are unknown and their attorneys have not been allowed to see them.

http://rt.com/news/dozens-arrested-moscow-election-103/ (video)
http://grani-tv.ru/entries/2069/ (video)

Yashin and Navalny sentenced to 15 days in jail each, most other detainees fined

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