Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Russia to End Customs War against Ukraine

Russia’s customs authorities have notified Ukraine that extra customs procedures for Ukrainian goods had been scrapped days after being introduced, a spokesperson for Ukraine's Ministry of Revenues and Duties said Tuesday. “We have this information; it is true,” the spokesperson said. The Ministry of Revenues and Duties said in a statement that the sides have reached “an agreement in principle” and that “the acuteness of the problem has been relieved.” The Russian Federal Customs Service declined to comment on the information. An anonymous source told the Prime news agency that Russian and Ukrainian officials had indeed addressed the matter. On July 14, Russia introduced rigorous checks of Ukrainian goods crossing its border. A number of Ukrainian manufacturers said the move de-facto blocked their exports to Russia. The restrictions have also been condemned by Ukrainian lawmakers from across the political spectrum, with some describing the move as part of a “trade war.”

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