Thursday, August 29, 2013

Russian Communists Seek to Revoke "Anti-Piracy Law"

Ivan Melnikov and Oleg Smolin, State Duma lawmakers for the Russian Communist Party, have submitted a bill seeking to revoke the freshly enacted anti-piracy law, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday. The anti-piracy bill was passed by the Duma, Russia's lower parliamentary house, on June 21 and approved by the Federation Council, the upper house, on June 26. It was then signed into law and took effect on August 1 despite outcries from the Internet industry. The companies that oppose the law claim that it has numerous loopholes that would allow for abuse and unfair competition. The law allows copyright holders to request the court to block contested content before ruling on its legality, without requiring them to try to contact the up-loader before going to court. Issues of injunction and punishment are handled exclusively by the Moscow City Court, which is expected to accept complaints around the clock, including online.

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