Friday, August 22, 2014

Russian Duma Considers Tougher Stance on Internet Piracy

According to Deputy Culture Minister Grigory Ivliyev, the State Duma is considering a tougher penalty for violation of the anti-piracy law aimed at protecting intellectual property on the Internet.  Russia's anti-piracy law currently sets out the legal grounds and procedure for limiting access to websites that distribute movies and TV films in violation of copyright, as well as the rules governing Internet and hosting providers. A set of amendments passed the Duma's second reading in July, and, among other things, these amendments would extend the anti-piracy law to all works under copyright and related rights, including music and literature.  After a meeting of the State Duma’s working group on intellectual property, Ivliyev told journalists that Russian authorities are considering administrative liability for failure to block access to pirated online content.  In addition, fines for business entities may be increased to up to 1 million rubles (over $27,500), with individuals facing 300,000 rubles ($8,200) penalty.

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