Monday, October 29, 2012

Ruling Party MP Stomps on Russian Opposition’s Symbol

United Russia MP Aleksandr Sidyakin, author of a recent anti-protest bill, stomped on a white ribbon during Friday’s State Duma session. The ribbon is the symbol of the antigovernment protests that began in December last year. “I want to do with this ribbon the same thing that people who ordered provocations wanted to do with our country – I want to tread [on] it,” Sidyakin announced during the lower house’s plenary session. Sidyakin called the ribbon a symbol of capitulation, treachery and “exported revolution,” which foreign propagandists are attempting to impose on Russia. Sidyakin also criticized several deputies from the opposition A Just Russia party for wearing “that white cloth” on their chests. Sidyakin is known as the initiator of the recently passed "anti-rally" and "anti-NGO" laws. (video; see at 1:35)

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