Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Russia Accuses U.S. Courts of Double Standards

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the U.S. of double standards with regard to the US courts and the sentencing of adults for child abuse. This was said in a statement posted on the official foreign ministry website. According to the official representative of the Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashevich, "the U.S. Justice system can exercise the utmost severity in cases of ill-treatment of juveniles when it comes to American children. But when the objects of violence are Russian children adopted by Americans," the courts often exhibit incomprehensible and unacceptable leniency on the foster parents. Lukashevich compared two sentences received by an American woman Elizabeth Escalona, she was sentenced to 99 years in prison for abusing her daughter. Another sentence worth noting was handed down to the Craver couple who were given 16 months in prison for the death of their adopted son from Russia Vanya Skorobogatov.


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