Monday, October 1, 2012

Russia Terminates Case against Sharia Law Advocate

Investigators have not found anything criminal in attorney Dagir Khasavov's statements on legalizing Sharia law courts, Khasavov's lawyer Sergei Belyak said. In an interview with the Ren-TV channel on April 24, Khasavov proposed establishing a Sharia law court in Russia. Khasavov said Muslim society would enforce its own rules and any attempt to prevent them from doing so could lead to bloodshed. The statements provoked a public uproar. The prosecutor's office declared that Khasavov sought to incite national hatred and offend people of other religions. The prosecutor's office concluded that his statements could be considered a call for extremism. Meanwhile, Khasavov has left Russia. His lawyer has continually maintained that the statements were misunderstood and that an organized smear campaign was launched against him. (video)


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