Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Khodorkovsky: I Wish You Courage, Your Honor

Mikhail Khodorkovsky made his final statement in his and his colleague Platon Lebedev’s “second trial,” which took place in Moscow. Khodorkovsky said the outcome of the trial will be crucial for all of Russia because it will be indicative of whether the law is able to protect persons and their property. “Nobody believes that an acquittal verdict is possible in a Moscow court in a Yukos case,” Khodorkovsky stated. “I understand you are uneasy and perhaps scared. I wish you courage,” Khodorkovsky went on to tell Judge Viktor Danilkin, who will return a verdict, as well as a sentence, if applicable. The verdict and any applicable sentence should be announced on 15 December 2010.



Ходорковский и Лебедев в Хамовническом суде

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