Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Opposition Demonstration in Moscow Half-Allowed

On October 31, the Moscow opposition held its traditional demonstration on the Triumfalnaya Square in support of Article 31 of the Russian Constitution (freedom of assembly). For the first time, authorities did not ban the demonstration outright but rather insisted that it be held in a remote part of the square and that the number of demonstrators not exceed 800. As a result, two demonstrations were held simultaneously in different parts of the square, one allowed and the other banned. The police dispersed the disallowed demonstration, after which the oppositionists attempted to march on a nearby government building. Several dozen demonstrators were detained by the police.

http://lenta.ru/photo/2010/08/31/meeting/ (photo)
http://www.lenta.ru/photo/2010/10/31/strategy2/ (video)

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