Friday, November 12, 2010

Unnamed Kremlin Source: Hitman Sent after Fugitive Intelligence Colonel

Leading Russian political newspaper Kommersant published an article, based on unnamed official sources, alleging that a Colonel Shcherbakov (no first name given) betrayed Anna Chapman and the nine other  Russian spies who were then captured in the U.S. According to the article, Colonel Shcherbakov, a senior Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) officer, fled to the U.S. days before the arrests and later participated in the interrogations conducted by U.S. authorities. “Don’t you doubt - a Mercader has already been sent after him,” an unnamed high-ranking Russian Presidential Administration official told the paper. The mention of "a Mercader" refers to Soviet agent, Ramón Mercader, who, in 1940, murdered exiled bolshevik Leon Trotsky with an ice axe in Mexico.

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