Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moldovan Constitutional Court Chairman Sacked for Demanding Parliament Dissolution

Moldova’s Constitutional Court (CC) Chairman Dumitru Pulbere was dismissed from the Chairman's post by a non-confidence vote from other CC judges. (Pulbere remains a CC judge.) The reason for the dismissal is that Pulbere said in an interview that the Moldovan Parliament must be dissolved by 28 September 2011 and that otherwise its acts after that date would be invalid. Moldova's Constitution indeed envisages the dissolution of Parliament if it fails to elect President (which it failed to do), but prohibits dissolving it more than once a year (the last dissolution was on 28 September 2010). The issue of the validity of acts adopted after the end of the one-year term seems disputable. The ruling coalition accused Pulbere of making a “politically engaged statement” and demanded his dismissal.

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