Thursday, September 15, 2011

Russian Duma Approves Third Antimonopoly Package

On September 9th, the Russian Duma approved the third antimonopoly package prepared by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). According to FAS head Igor Artemyev, the third package of amendments "considerably simplifies the work of businesses and increases liability of those officials who impede freedom of entrepreneurship. The adopted draft law will [also] enhance efficiency of the main institutes of antimonopoly regulation in Russia.” In particular, the amendments reduce the list of per se violations that are only applicable to horizontal agreements (or cartels), introduce the minimum market share that economic entities engaged in concerted actions must have, and clarify the concept of prohibited coordination of economic activities. The draft law also allows the Government of the Russian Federation to determine the rules for non-discriminatory access to the infrastructure facilities of natural monopolies, as well as to the goods that are technologically connected to them.

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