Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kommersant Newspaper Demands Prosecution of Pro-Putin Activist

Kommersant Director General Demyan Kudryavtsev demanded the prosecution of the press secretary of the pro-Kremlin Nashi movement, Kristina Potupchik, for preparing DDoS-attacks on Kommersant's website in 2008. According to Kudryavtsev, the content of Potupchik's email, which was recently published by Anonymous, a hacker group, clearly indicates that she was involved in preparing attacks on the newspapers' website. In one of the letters, which dated back to February 2008, Potupchik wrote to one of her colleagues suggesting methods for paralyzing the work of Kommersant. In particular, she said that DDoS attacks are needed to "psychologically and physically finish off" the newspaper. Thereafter, Kommersant's website was hacked and was unavailable for over a day. "Kommersant will require that the Interior Ministry initiate criminal proceedings against Ms. Potupchik and other persons involved in the case... Now that there is no need to look for the guilty, it is important to make sure that they do not go unpunished," Kudryavtsev stated. Kommersant is a leading Russian business newspaper and publishing house. (document)

UPDATE: Potupchik vows to sue Kudryavtsev in libel

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