Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pro-Putin Rally Participants Complain of Fraud

Dozens of participants of the recent pro-Putin rally complained to journalists that rally organizers have failed to pay them the money promised for the participation. It appears that the rally organizers have contacted casting agents specializing in finding extras for movies and TV shows to hire some rally participants. Allegedly, the organizers promised to pay 500 rubles ($17) to each participant, and 50 rubles ($1.7) per hired person to the agents. However, many of the hired participants and agents have not received their money. Some of the defrauded complained to the prosecutor's office, to the ruling United Russia party, and to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin personally, but to no avail; they then contacted journalists. The rally organizers call the complaint “a provocation.” “The organizing committee has held a number of meetings on this issue and specifically prohibited all invited organizations from purchasing extras or paying for participation,” committee representative Alexey Zhuravlev stated. (video)

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