Thursday, April 18, 2013

Russian International Mail Service Collapses

A five-day embargo on international mail has been issued in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in an attempt to deal with a 150-ton backlog of postal packages. The embargo was issued starting midnight April 9th, and lasting until just after midnight on April 14th. Russian Post was working overtime to prevent a “collapse” of its international mail system under the weight of backlogged e-commerce parcels. It insisted on April 15th that the backlog of mail was “almost solved”. However, on April 17th it was announced that the embargo will be resumed starting on April 18th. The problems are due to “the inability of structural departments of… Russian Post to immediately accept the entire volume of incoming international mail,” Kommersant reported, citing an April 7th letter from a mail processing company called Airport Moscow. Director General of Russian Post Alexander Kiselyov had sent a letter to Customs Service chief Andrei Belyaninov asking him to look into the problem (apparently believing that the delays are caused by the customs), after complaints from Deutsche Post earlier last month that postal packages sent to Russia were not reaching their destinations.

Russian postal service chief fired

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