Monday, April 15, 2013

US Lawyers Analyze Navalny Case

US law firm Loeb & Loeb undertook a pro bono analysis of criminal charges brought against prominent oppositionist Alexey Navalny in Russia. Their paper concludes as follows: "Mr. Gozman [an opposition figure], who was questioned in the latest investigation against Mr. Navalny, has aptly stated, 'I think [the law enforcement agencies and the Investigative Committee] have been ordered to put Navalny in prison, and how they are supposed to do that is their problem.' There is no other rational explanation for the series of unsupported charges that are being levied against Mr. Navalny, one after the next. It is apparent that, as it has done in the past in its Yukos cases, the Kremlin has reverted to misuse of the Russian legal system to harass, isolate and attempt to silence political opponents, or at least those who are perceived to act contrary to the interests of Mr. Putin and his circle. This pattern is familiar and will not fool any observers of Russian affairs who are safely outside the country." (document)

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