Monday, April 8, 2013

Topless Ukrainian Feminists Detained for Attacking Putin in Hanover

Activists from the feminist group "Femen" launched another trademark topless protest on Monday, targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin as he opened an industrial fair in Hanover, Germany, the group said on its Twitter feed. German media said four women, with obscenities in English and Russian daubed on their breasts, broke through security as Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were examining a stand at the fair. Security personnel detained the ladies while the Russian President and German Chancellor looked on unfazed and proceeded to the next exhibition hall. “Regarding the demonstration, I liked it. We knew they were preparing to stage something like this. You should thank those Ukrainian girls, they’re helping to get the word out about the fair,” stated President Putin in a press conference in Hanover. He noted that without such demonstrations there would be much less interest in the annual industrial fair in Hanover. “I didn’t quite catch exactly what they were screaming as security came in swiftly. Those big guys just laid them out. That just doesn’t seem fair, they could have been a little easier on them,” Putin said. (video)

UPDATE: Criminal Case Opened into Femen’s German Protest

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