Friday, May 24, 2013

Ex-Russian Senator's New York Apartment at Center of Lawsuit

The landlord of a resident of New York City’s famed Time Warner Center has filed a complaint with the Supreme Court for the State of New York seeking an order for renovations to be halted in a condominium reportedly belonging to Russian billionaire and former senator Vitaly Malkin. While the court documents refer to the owner of the property simply as 22 CC SY74B LLC., a domestic limited liability company, local news source the New York Daily News reports that the condominium is owned by a trust belonging to Malkin’s family. The complaint was filed by landlord AEH JAY Corp. Monday on the basis of complaints made by tenant Samuel Nappi, a wealthy energy and entertainment professional who rents the condominium directly beneath the one reportedly owned by Malkin for $43,000 per month. According to Nappi’s affidavit, the noise endures each day from about 10 in the morning to four or five in the afternoon, with a lunch break worked in. He laments: “There is continual jack hammering, I believe, into the poured concrete floors above. The sound is painful and it is inescapable. We cannot sleep in the bedrooms or use the upstairs when the noise begins. We leave the upstairs and either go downstairs, or we leave the building. Other times, we simple [sic.] do not visit for fear of living in a noise hell.”

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