Monday, May 27, 2013

Russian High School Exams Marred by Cheating

Russia's standardized state exams for graduating high school students, the results of which are a ground for entrance to university and college, were on the verge of failure on Monday, after the appearance of the test answers online threatened to derail the process. The reported answers to Russian language exams were posted online ahead of the first day of the tests, which kicked off in Russia’s vast Far East region. “If it is confirmed that these really are the answers, then it is usually possible to establish the identity of the wrong-doer, after which the [state examinations] commission will take a decision,” said Yekatarina Shcheglenko, an education official in Russia’s Far East. That could mean the “annulment” of the exam results, she said. According to a report, in some classes around 80% of pupils had had the answers before the exam started.

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