Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Terrorist Attack in Moscow Prevented

Security agents have killed two terrorists who were planning an attack in Moscow, and arrested a third, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee reported on Monday. "The militants were blocked off in the course of a special operation. They opened fire in response to a call to surrender. Two were killed during a brief skirmish, and one was arrested," the report said. The special operation against the group planning a terrorist attack in Moscow was conducted in Orekhovo-Zuyevo to the east of Moscow. A special police officer was slightly injured in the leg and hospitalized, the committee said. A Kalashnikov rifle with 25 cartridges was confiscated at the site. The three suspected terrorists are Russian nationals who had received training in a camp in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. The security service believes they were planning an attack in Moscow, but have not disclosed the specific location for the planned attack. News of the aborted attack in Moscow came hours after two bombs went off in the southern city of Makhachkala, killing four and injuring around 40.


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