Monday, June 17, 2013

Putin Did Not Steal Super Bowl Ring after All

US businessman Robert Kraft's claim that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin pocketed Kraft's Super Bowl ring was a joke, according to his spokesperson James Stacy. "This is a funny, humorous story that Kraft likes to tell for fun,” said Stacy. “He likes that the ring is kept in the Kremlin and, as he said in 2005, he admires Russia and Putin's presidency. In particular, he respects Putin for the modernization of the Russian economy ". Earlier, Kraft claimed that Putin stole the ring eight years ago when they met in St. Petersburg. The New York Post reported that the ring has diamonds worth 25 thousand dollars (a bijou honoring the victory the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl), that  Kraft showed it to Putin, that he tried on the ring.  According to Kraft, Putin said something like “you can kill someone with this,” put the ring in his pocket and left with his bodyguards.  Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated:  "I saw him giving the ring to the president, so the words that someone had pressured him are more a matter of detailed conversation with a psychoanalyst.” (video)

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